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Ira Siff,
Artistic Director of
La Gran Scena Opera Company, offers
vocal instruction and dramatic coaching
for singers.

"Ira Siff is a fantastic musician and has such a splendid understanding of style.
He would be a marvelous vocal coach
- Dame Joan Sutherland, BBC Radio Interview, 1994

"Ira Siff is probably one of the greatest artists in the world."
- Leontyne Price, BBC Radio Interview, 1997

Ira Siff teaches vocal technique to all levels. His approach encompasses opera and song repertoire, music theatre, and cabaret material, and is very flexible depending upon the needs of the student. As a repertoire coach for opera, song, theatre and cabaret music, Ira Siff can aid in the preparation of audition material, entire roles, or a solo performance. He has earned international acclaim for his insightful use of music and text as both director and performer. An experienced, patient instructor and collaborator, Ira can help a performer sharpen innate skills and achieve the strongest possible vocal and interpretive performance.

Call or fax Ira Siff at (212) 460-9124

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